X-cite By Alghanim

X-cite has been a long-time bazaar Studios partner. Their expansive and exclusive offerings in over 40 physical stores all over the country and an easy to use accessible website has made them Kuwait’s Number 1 Electronics Retailer. We have collaborated with them on several print and online campaigns which highlight seasonal selections for special occasions such as Ramadan, Mother’s Day and Camping season. Listicle style articles created by our team of writers curate items that are timely, light hearted yet provide informative text for our readers. When they wanted to highlight the Philips Airfryer via video format, our creative team decided to use stop-motion, special effects and simple props to keep the spotlight on the product. To keep it local we chose to cook Kibbeh and Samosas, and focused on the functions and settings on the Airfryer. In less than a minute, users understood what the product did, how to use it, how it could make their life better and why.

Videography, Animation, Photography, Art Direction, Storyboard Creation, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing