When a local concept such as Koi emerges in Kuwait, bazaar Studios takes it into high consideration to deliver their true message. The menu was the biggest inspiration in creating this video, as it combined names of popular Hip-Hop artists in the music industry, infused with Japanese street food culture, showcasing food items like rolls, sushi burritos, and bowls. We also wanted to highlight the interior aesthetics of Koi, its vibrant and trendy neon lights that created beautiful reflections on their dining tables. Including captions on the video of highly well-known song titles and lyrics was as pivotal as the fast-paced music beat to truly transcend the love of Hip-Hop and the good vibes of this urban spot in Kuwait city. The inclusion of several extras portrayed that people from all walks of life are welcomed at Koi, and that’s what’s good in the hood!

April 2019
Videography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing