Sahtein – Talabat

When food ordering giant Talabat approached us with the concept of Sahtein, a local term commonly used to wish the diner an enjoyable, delicious meal, we jumped at the idea! At bazaar Studios, we really believe that food is a purveyor of happiness and joy, and creating an entire Sahtein series would show the choice, preparation and delivery process of certain restaurants on the Talabat platform. Depending on Talabat’s chosen restaurant’s brand image and main product we decided how to best illustrate the narrative of delivering joy, using a full range of techniques in video from languid beauty shots to stop motion animation. We carefully chose music that fit each brand and matched the emotion being told in the story. The Sahtein static logo is visible as a graphic throughout all the videos to create a subtle awareness of the campaign and reiterating the narrative. This was given further novelty by amplifying the bite using sound effects on the animated logo at the end of each video. Topping and tailing the videos with Talabat signage keeps the delivery platform itself and Sahtein memorable employing consistency and repetition as messaging tools. Each restaurant was also placed within the directory as additional online support for the Sahtein concept.

Videography, Storyboard Creation, Art Direction, Social Media Marketing