When Solia contacted us to create a video for the launch of the restaurant concept we were very excited to see what we could do to showcase the Mediterranean flavors and dishes they had on the menu. Our creative team decided to contrast the design elements of the space with the different cooking techniques and ending with the final plated dishes being enjoyed to show that the whole experience is an ode to a quick trip around our favorite Mediterranean cities. The use of dark shots and light shots reminds the viewer of variety and diversity. The menu at Solia is highly experiential and we were very careful at making sure that these sensual elements came through in the video. Even the music that was chosen fits the region’s vibe without being clear on its origin to show that the restaurant offers a balance of dishes from all the different countries. The video was accompanied by a written print review that gave an in-depth writeup of the experience of dining at Solia.

Solia, Al Hajery
November 2018
Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Styling, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing