Maki is a household name in Kuwait renowned for delivering on one of the best Japanese dining experiences ever, and their sushi creations are constantly pushing culinary boundaries. They have managed to create recipes and items that are perfectly balanced between authentic Japanese cuisine and flavors that appeal to a local clientele. As avid supporters of local concepts, we have reviewed the restaurant several times and have found the experience exhilarating and transformative. Our eloquent and articulate team of staff writers know how to invite a reader to vicariously experience Maki using the written word. When Chef Daisuke, their new Executive Chef, first arrived in Kuwait from Japan, Maki wanted to officially introduce him to their guests. The chef formally trained in the art of traditional Japanese cuisine has 21 years of international experience under his belt. It was the perfect video opportunity to show viewers sweeping shots of restaurant guests enjoying their meals and closeups of perfect sushi plates to remind viewers that Maki is your go-to choice for Japanese cuisine. We also used the chef’s voice-over to provide more information. We carefully chose the music to perfectly encapsulate the vibe and aesthetic at Maki. As this creative concept is constantly growing, bazaar Studios is proud to be by their side to share in this wonderful experience.

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