Blaze Pizza

We were super excited when Blaze Pizza landed in Kuwait and we were asked to help raise awareness about this brilliant, artisanal, build-it-yourself pizza concept. We knew that we could capture local foodies by showcasing how genuine the entire experience at Blaze Pizza can be. From showing how the pizza is baked in three minutes in a wood fire oven right in front of your eyes to meeting with Executive Chef Brad Kent and founders Elise and Rick Wetzel. Our ability to offer Blaze Pizza a mix of online and print activities such as in-depth print and online interviews successfully introduced our audience to the people behind the brand as well as the world-famous pizzas. Instagram is the perfect platform for showcasing the Blaze Pizza experience and we invited our viewers on a virtual Instagram Story pizza date to show them what it was like. The airy bright locations are a perfect backdrop for the photos and videos taken on location and shared with all of our followers. These real on-site visits are an authentic way to show your potential customers what an experience is really like.

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