Texas Roadhouse

As steak lovers, we were excited when Texas Roadhouse approached us to visually represent the “Steak Done Well” article in a short, social media friendly video and to highlight one of the brand’s amazing locations in Kuwait. The production team visited the Mahboula site to map out the key areas to use for light, decorative points of interest and the various lighting conditions so we would know exactly what equipment to use in terms of lighting, cameras, filters, tripods, and mics. We sourced the sound track in collaboration with the brand to find a sound that sounded country but modern. We worked closely with the brand team to ensure we met the international brand standards for health and safety, food styling, table setting and visual merchandising on the day. For expediency our photographers also shot the same day as the video to utilize the table set ups and lighting that we were already using for the various video scenes, ensuring efficient use of the brand team’s and Head Chef’s time. We also used any down time to interview the Chef on another topic for a separate article for which we were also able to capture original images as we were dressing the video table with these items too. Multi-tasking across a large, live set to complete a number of components for various deliverables is our speciality. We have also worked with Texas Roadhouse on several print and online reviews, such as our Dining Guide 2020 feature article, which is now used by the brand as an internal benchmark for writing similar communications.

Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Storyboard Creation, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing