Ahwet Zeitouna

Lebanese cuisine is an art form unto itself and Ahwet Zeitouna not only serves amazing food it also recreates the easy living neighborhood cafe vibes that is just like a quick getaway to the beach. Our team visited the venue on opening day and sampled the menu items and took photos. Our three-part campaign started with the in-depth print and online review. By using stunning visuals and copy that allows the reader to experience a meal vicariously through words. Second, a separate review and Dining Guide listing allowed us to reach a larger audience that is interested in culinary adventures in Kuwait. Finally, we gave our viewers on social media a real-time, first person perspective of a visit to the pretty space. Video, photos and boomerangs came together in a fun-to-watch, memorable and immediately craving-inducing Instagram Story that lived on our Highlights.

Ahwet Zeitouna
January 2020
Photography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing