The Scientific Center of Kuwait

There’s nothing quite like seeing a child experience something for the first time, and how their eyes widen as they learn something new about their world. This is what happens on every visit to Kuwait’s Scientific Center and we have worked on several videos and campaigns that promote their events, camps and special exhibits. Like the informative summer camp programs that are packed with experiences like engaging workshops and interactive classes tailored for young minds. Our creative team delivered glimpses of these experiences to our viewers by highlighting the childrens’ fascinated reactions, The video was also used by the center for their promotional activities for the summer camp, and we supported with written copy and a complete social media push. TSCK is as passionate about environmental issues as we are, so creating The Re_Use exhibit promotional video was a project near and dear to our hearts. The immersive experience educated visitors on important issues via multiple and diverse installations. We chose to follow two young children in a walk-through of different exhibits as they interacted. The kids were not actors so their authentic and real reactions of awe, interest and recognition were captured by the camera. We capitalized on the dark lighting in the exhibit to stay true to the actual experience while the music chosen was a perfect blend of seriousness and whimsy. We truly believe that science is fun and important and are glad that we can be part of the movement that promotes it in Kuwait and jump at every opportunity to highlight the different things happening at the center from Earth Month to special IMAX screenings using our print and online channels to promote them.

Videography, Photography, Writing & PR