The Swedish furniture giant, IKEA is a globally recognized brand, as we immediately think of the iconic blue and yellow logo, delectable meatballs from the restaurant and Billy bookcases. When it comes to content creation for the amazing IKEA, we always choose to honor their style and voice but at the same time, provide new context, information and excitement. As a constant content partner, we’ve worked and continue to creatively conceive video concepts, magazine stories, native web and social media media content. When IKEA launched the Swedish Food Market, we were by their side with our cameras in tow to produce a video that highlights how home cooks could easily recreate their favorite items from the Restaurant using the frozen items. As the ASMR trend was still taking off, we chose to incorporate all the soothing sounds that happen when a meal is being made in another video concept that was shot in IKEA’s sample kitchen to highlight their different kitchen and cooking tools. We’re by IKEA’s side with every new development and we love covering high-profile events like the premiere of IKEA 360, when we interviewed Marino Maganto, the CEO to commemorate the opening in the new location and created an Instagram Story video and shared it on the day, proving that we can create high-value media in even the most limited of circumstances. We also love working with IKEA on their socially conscious projects like the TILLTALANDE collection, which empowers refugees and women in Jordan by employing them to create stunning works of art. Most, if not all of our content creation projects for IKEA include accompanying print and web features, as well as telling social media stories that create massive engagement on Instagram.

Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Storyboard Creation, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing