The Regency Hotel Kuwait

The Regency Hotel Kuwait is a five star establishment and a leader in the industry and as lovers of bespoke experiences, our team at bazaar Studios are proud to have worked with them on multiple campaigns. From the addition of their fantastic Ladies Lounge to the exclusive Luxury Wedding Show, our possession of mediums and channels at our disposal enables us to use the perfect combination for the message and successfully communicate our client’s story. For the Ladies Lounge, we wanted to show that a mini-vacation is just a quick drive away. Our writers asked all the right questions to make sure that the message was conveyed and reached the right audience. We used Instastories and a written feature to highlight the Luxury Wedding Show to showcase more details and create an immersive experience. And for our Dining Guide we interviewed their then-new Executive Chef who provided us and our readers with valuable insight. We think of the audience and make sure to answer any query they might have. What is the experience like? How can we book or attend? How long can we stay? What are the available amenities? This curiosity allows us to explore more sides of a story than most people believe there might be initially. We offer solutions to real problems people have and tell the story while also captivating and informing.

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