Chilli Beans

Fully understanding what makes a product or brand special is what sets us apart. When Brazilian eyewear brand Chilli Beans approached us to showcase a new collection whether via video or written features and social media, we answered by spending time at the branch first. A couple of our team members even purchased their own sunglasses to fully appreciate them. Our conclusion was that they look fabulous, provide great bang for our buck, are really sturdy and have so many styles that you could easily buy a pair for every outfit. This in-depth hands on understanding helped us when we created a spunky stop motion video and wrote several features about the brand. Chilli Beans is a vibrant brand that offers customers great quality at affordable prices in many styles that will suit everyone. We used stop motion and sweeping shots to show the abundance of styles, colors and looks available at the store to clearly reflect every trendsetter’s eyewear goals.

Videography, Art Direction, Storyboard Creation, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing