Modern Relics

Eid season is very special in Kuwait and has always been an occasion for special outfits to attend gatherings and look your best in something new. This curated edit from Harvey Nichols Kuwait paid homage to ancient relics and a heritage full of rich textures, colors and motifs. The edgy yet feminine dresses and two-piece ensembles fit perfectly in the traditional architecture of our chosen location, Almarsam Alhur, for this special Eid fashion shoot and video. Our team chose the location specifically for its cultural importance and the beauty of its building. The video takes you to a magical time and proves that the future is nothing without the past. Contrasting the old with the new and old wood with gold leaf strengthens the theme of fusing heritage with modernity, roots firmly planted but branches reaching for tomorrow.

Harvey Nichols Kuwait
June 2018
Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Styling, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing