Established brands like Pinkberry offer both an opportunity and a challenge. Everyone already knows that they are “the original frozen yogurt” and we wanted to highlight the addition of the limited time warm combos that were added to the menu. It was clear from the get-go for us and the client that we wanted something simple but impactful. Using stop-motion, animated effects and focusing only on the product. The step-by-step construction illustrates the different flavors, textures and layers that make up these sweet treats. We insisted on reducing any visual clutter and only focusing on the Banoffee Pie and Kinder Crunch. The white background mirrors the frozen yogurt and the burnt orange tabletop complements the desserts without overwhelming the product. The client wanted to show that these combos can be delivered, so we ended with the special home-delivery boxes that keep the frozen yogurt cold until it arrives at a customer’s doorstep being packed. For the new Pinkberry Waffle Cones we made use of animation to create a quick seasonal video.

Pinkberry, Alshaya
Videography, Animation, Art Direction