Porsche 911 Carrera 4S

The Porsche 911 Carrera 4S is legendary. With its classic Porsche design DNA clad in iconic lipstick red, most content about this car pays homage to its history, but doesn’t highlight the features that cement this speedster in the technological era. With ‘precise sportiness’ in mind, our team of creatives cleverly conjured an energetically digital theme to convey the Carrera 4s’ dynamism, iconic color and design. The theme for the photoshoot and video is dark, sultry yet electrifying, contrasting the Carrera 4s’ dazzling red color when it came to choosing the lighting style for the shoot. An underground parking location poised as the setting, and we shot the car from the inside as well to give drivers a real life perspective of all of the technological enhancements available in the latest Carrera 4s. With luxury and technology in mind, we teamed up Harvey Nichols Kuwait to dress our model for the shoot from Alice and Olivia, and continued the electronically digital theme with the choice of music and editing style for the video, emphasizing the loud and sharp sound of the Carrera 4S engine. The entire campaign was supported by a complete social media blast, from grid planning, insta story teasers pre and post production, along with promoting the video, and the final photos in the 12-page spread looked amazing.

October 2019
Art Direction, Photography, Videography, Graphic Design