Mais Alghanim

We absolutely love legacy brands, as they present us with so many stories to tell! When it comes to the beloved Lebanese restaurant Mais Alghanim, many locals have fond memories of languorous lunches and dinners enjoyed with friends and family. Their impeccable sense of hospitality makes it so easy for us to sing praises of their delightful offerings, and we wanted to communicate this to devoted Mais guests and newcomers alike.This is why we work closely with Mais Alghanim to highlight their annual signature offerings via reviews in our print platform, to live experiences shared via powerful Insta Stories. We also worked on a series of narrative social media videos showcasing Mais Alghanim’s inimitable, vibrant atmosphere that’s a delight for both new visitors and loyalists, as well as introducing a new breakfast menu. We envisioned beautifully shot, brightly colored video editing styles that echoed Mais Alghanim’s ethos as the destination to share amazing food, laughs and create new memories with friends and family. We utilized closeups to show off new dishes, and sweeping shots to indicate an expansive menu, and both modern and classic Arabic music to hint at Mais’ constant evolution. All of our Mais Alghanim campaigns are shared on all of our platforms, as well as the client’s to achieve maximum impact.

Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Storyboard Creation, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing