Allwood Design

When it comes to working with an independent, local business we are able to maintain regular contact, stay up-to-date with marketing opportunities and shape brand communication by creating original content and informing the adaptation of content to be more suited to different markets across a number of platforms. With Allwood we used the best stills photography and graphic design techniques to create instantly recognizable branded content for social media. With a special brand activation that took place and the renowned Mirzaam Design Expo 2020, our team of content creators were there to cover with daily coverage, giving social media audiences a real understanding of the type of interactions that are had between Allwood and its customers. We created video, photography and written content informed by observing the Mirzaam experience, providing a keen eye to deliver what both the business and customers are looking for when it comes to effectively communicating and receiving Allwood messaging.

Videography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing