Deliveroo Kuwait

Deliveroo are masters at engaging activations designed to reinforce brand recognition. Our objective for all of their awesome events is to attend, cover and share the event as it was happening and to encourage potential customers from our curious audience to visit their booths and directly interact with the Deliveroo team. We covered their Kubbar island takeover, the burger billboard and the Saracen Race. Our team of photographers and media experts were on-site to capture people’s excitement when Deliveroo’s from riders delivering food using jetskis and yachts to an obstacle race. By focusing on Deliveroo’s values and spirit we highlighted how Deliveroo is dependable and fun. Our team is able to create engaging and fun content on the fly and use the available resources to attract more viewers. We also wrote accompanying features to all of these events. In another in-depth feature we interviewed one of their riders who helped us share with our readers how Deliveroo trains and cares for their employees. Using different mediums and tools we were constantly able to show different facets of a single brand which helps more people relate to the brand.

Photography, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Management