An institution in Kuwait known for the finest Japanese cuisine, Edo has been regaling its patrons for over a decade. With all the new kids on the block, it was up to our team at bazaar Studios to prove time and time again why Edo should be the ultimate destination for Japanese fare with our ‘Revisiting the Classics’ campaign. Combining stellar food styling, photography, food writing, magazine and social media coverage, our team looked to the special ingredients being used at this establishment for inspiration. Evocative of the clean, vibrant flavors to be enjoyed with every plate of delectable food at Edo, the chosen lighting and styling direction for the photos successfully reflected that, while our Instagram Story came alive with the sounds of slurping on yummy noodles, crunching on shrimp tempura and delicately handling the best cut of tuna belly in Kuwait with our chopsticks. We also wanted to show viewers how this establishment is constantly delivering on the latest trends with Korean specialties being added to the menu, and we had lots of fun showing our followers how to consume the perfect Bibimbap. The ‘Revisiting the Classics’ campaign spanned across all our platforms, and offered a refreshing weekend dining idea for all social media fans and followers.

November 2018
Photography, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing