When we heard about bleems we knew there was a local story that had to be told, and that meant not only delivering the video content they asked for but convincing the elusive founders to sit down with us to share their story. Only through meetings with their marketing team and the leaders of the organization itself could we truly understand the dynamic between the partners and the ultimate goal of the brand. This is to be the go-to gifting site for every occasion including no occasion hence the #createyourmoments hashtag. Through articles and use of candid photography we shared the story of the growth of the business from florist to partnership, to gifting online through to the app and gift delivery over borders. In the videos we wanted to feature humor to appeal to a broader demographic, and we made use of local cultural references to do so. We also carefully sourced locations for each video so the viewer could identify with being in Kuwait.

Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Storyboard Creation, Styling, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing