Life With Cacao

When we were tasked to help Life with Cacao solidify their ethos ‘Live Deliciously’, we were thrilled because the content opportunities are endless. From breakfast creations like the s’mores croissant to fondue for two, let alone the beautiful quiet corners at this cafe to wile away the hours reading a great book, we knew that the best way to communicate Life with Cacao’s story is to do as they say and live deliciously. We looked to our network of expert food photographers and stylists to finalize our visual direction, choosing the right lighting and angles to really capture the best food shots. We spent the entire day at Life with Cacao’s garden setting at 360 MALL taking pictures, working on Instagram Stories showing our followers how we’re living deliciously, and our team of writers were heard making amorous noises over the delectable menu creations. The campaign materialized via a gorgeous print layout and online feature, followed by a complete social media campaign on all bazaar Studios platforms.

Life With Cacao
Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing