Mabrook Hotel Supplies

Whether you are designing your dream kitchen at home or a super functional restaurant cooking space, Mabrook Hotel Supplies is going to be your number one destination. They wanted to introduce more people to their store and product lineup so we organized an in-store photoshoot to accompany an in-depth feature article in our magazine and on our website. Our talented photographers can work in any environment and produce compelling location and product shots that highlight the look and feel of a place as well as shine a light on specific products. Mabrook Hotel Supplies offers a comprehensive collection of global brands that are must-haves in any kitchen and we wanted to make sure that they were visible and clear to the audience. It was also important to highlight how huge the showroom is and the breadth of available items as these are Mabrook’s strengths.

Mabrook Hotel Supplies
January 2019
Photography, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing