Shake Shack

The roadside stand inspired brand, Shake Shack offers seemingly simple menu items like hotdogs, burgers and fries, but has mastered the art of complex and layered tastes. They stay on top of their game by introducing new and limited time only options. As a long standing content creation partner, we’re there to highlight and showcase all of Shake Shack’s new additions, customizing the content idea depending on each new release. From on-the-spot authentic Instagram Stories of the tasting experience to in-depth written features to our favorite beautifully produced videos. For the Summer Drinks menu, for example, we used stop motion techniques, custom created hand drawn animation and bright backgrounds that were aligned with the brand and the seasonal theme. Our job is to make sure that the product being shown is the star and to use it to tell its own story!

Videography, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing