Porsche Cayenne S

Showing off the flexibility of the gorgeous Porsche Cayenne as the ultimate luxury SUV with a sporty edge was our main objective with this visually stunning photography project. Taking the Porsche Cayenne S on a cruise under the theme of ‘From City to Sea’, we went on an absolute adventure to get these amazing photos. Picking the right hours in the day to capture the beauty of this Cayenne was key, as the lighting played a huge role in successfully depicting the visual effect that we were after. Mirroring the desired customer’s typical day, we begin our journey in the city, showing off the Cayenne in all of its glory against urban cityscape, and after the office comes the iconic leisurely cruise down Kuwait’s Arabian Gulf Road. The photos were utilized by the client to show potential customers local visual representations of the beloved Cayenne S, while bazaar Studios carried out this campaign in both online and print platforms with successful feedback.

Porsche Centre Kuwait
November 2018
Photography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing