Pottery Barn Kids

We worked with the trusted brand to convey the message that Pottery Barn Kids grows with your kids, from infancythroughto young adulthood providing appropriate and safe interior design solutions to keep them withininan engaging and stimulating environment. Produced when we had been spending more time than before in our homes, we decidedwanted to showcase all the elements that encompass what children do in a space made by Pottery Barn Kids. We wanted to highlight how one child’s room can be used to play in, it also doubles as a learning space for home schooling or homework, and your children also grow through nutrition, contained within a family of accessories, and finally children grow through adequate rest at the end of the day. A fun style of animation using both stop and jump motions was used to appeal to both parents and children. Written content and social media posts with unique captions supported the message which was successfully spread across all our platforms.

Pottery Barn
August 2020
Videography, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Styling, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing