The Jaguar F-Pace’s true magic lies not only in its bespoke design, but also in its versatility and comfort. For Jaguar, showcasing this SUV’s functional and playful elements was paramount, and that’s precisely the type of story that we imagined at bazaar studios when it came to photographing the F-Pace experience for a feature spread in print. Titled “Set The Pace“, we envisioned the ultimate juxtaposition of dramatically different landscapes, comfortably ‘pacing’ from family friendly outings in the city, to fun-filled weekend explorations in the desert all in utmost comfort. Through this photographic series, vivid colors, clean lines, and cleverly composed captures brought to life the F-Pace’s dynamic experience, as all photos were edited post production to reflect a unified, vibrant mood.

Jaguar, Al Zayani
September 2019
Photography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing