Ramadan Dining With Alyasra Foods

When we think of Ramadan, we think of mouth-watering Iftar spreads that are both beautiful to look at and sumptuous to taste. The effort that goes into all of this prep, however, to make each and every dish both delicious and beautiful, is the real hassle. This is exactly where Alyasra Foods’ various food product and delivery offerings like Makani market and our food styling and photography strategy, come into play. From Only Organic juices and Iftar’s must have Activia Laban drinks presented in artful glassware, to the symbolic crescent moon platter beautifully arranged with a selection of Erlenbacher cakes to impress your guests, we envisioned and brought to life the ultimate Ramadan Iftar table delivered by Alyasra Foods through an expanded feature spread. All our viewers need to do is order these amazing products to be delivered right to their doorstep!

Alyasra Foods
May 2019
Photography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing