Majnoon Qahwa

Crazy for coffee? Majnoon Qahwa is a Jordanian roastery company based on elevating each customer’s individual experience with a delightful cup (or more) of coffee. In this creation by bazaar Studios, we take you through the ultimate Majnoon Qahwa experience, bringing their signature coffees front and center. Stepping foot into the spot, we wanted to take the viewer through what they would walk into upon entering Majnoon Qahwa. From the moment they enter through the elevator doors, they are met with signature MQ initials, labeled on the doors. From there, the customer is lead to enjoy that first amazing taste of their exquisite frothy coffee. We highlighted the bubbling and simmering coffee options, their refreshing menu offerings and their stunning views and enormous overhead chandeliers, which make for the perfect Majnoon Qahwa atmosphere. All that was missing really was capturing those amazing coffee aromas through the lens of the camera!

Baking Tray
January 2018
Videography, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing