Baking Tray

In Kuwait’s burgeoning restaurant scene, Baking Tray quickly became a legacy brand. Its iconic destination in Kuwait City is where the story all began, and we were approached by the client to celebrate this destination for everything it has to offer from incredible menu creations to the inimitable ambience. Our team of creatives didn’t hesitate when offered a review of their latest menu additions (including one unforgettable Lasagna Bolognese). From review writing, photography and videography for both our online and print platforms, we focused on the premise of how Baking Tray is the ideal place to meet up for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner and all sweet bites and sips in between. Our photography and videography successfully captured just that, starting with everyone’s favorite brekkie of a bright avo on toast, Baking Tray’s famous pull apart garlic bread, to of course, nibbling on a national favorite, their addictive cookies. The video played a huge role in demonstrating how Baking Tray is everyone’s favorite place, successfully highlighting the space’s coziness, the inviting outdoor seating area with an artistic view, and the selection of food showcasing the depth of the menu, especially their scrumptious, freshly baked goods.

Baking Tray
January 2018
Videography, Photography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing