Kurt Geiger

Working with a multi-brand fashion distributor like Alyasra means that we can develop projects where we focus on getting as many high-quality deliverables produced as possible producing packages of written and visual content that can be effectively used across a variety of platforms. We decided to utilize our organizational and pre-production skills to efficiently expedite a project that delivers content for more than one brand at once. We flew in an international model in for a full day and chose to use a simple studio set-up. Keeping the styling for Kurt Geiger minimal but modern with a natural hair and make-up look, wearing only one outfit, and in quirky poses, makes the luxury accessories and shoe brand’s items stand out in print and online and matches the global outlook of Kurt Geiger for a greater focus on rich media and original content. We deliberately worked on post production focusing on the model’s face and skin so the shot is very clean next to the bags, but kept the hair messy to give a cooler more accessible feel to the images.

Kurt Geiger
April 2019
Photography, Art Direction, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing