Bridgewater Chocolate

Bridgewater Chocolate is a luxurious brand of handmade American chocolates from Connecticut with a cafe and retail unit in Kuwait’s largest mall, The Avenues. Tasked with capturing a wider demographic with a focus on younger audiences, while also showcasing gifting, we grabbed the viewer’s attention with video via a 90-degree rotation of the camera and logo, POV running up the red carpet, in sharp contrast to the usual corporate navy. As gifting provides an ample profit margin for the client, we took advantage of the holiday season to promote this activity. We featured personal indulgence selections of amazing chocolates as gifts in trays, along with the store’s dedicated wrapping services, gift boxes and hampers. The final frame “tis the season for the ultimate gift” was presented in the approved corporate communication designated font in English. The use of “ultimate gift” added to the message that whenever you gift, it should be Bridgewater Chocolate, no matter what the occasion. We stayed true to the bluesy ‘musac’ recognized in-store using an old-hollywood inspired track for more impact. The use of rich colors of red, green and gold reflected the visual merchandising of the store as it would look for the duration of the video’s promotion.

Bridgewater Chocolate, Alshaya
December 2019
Videography, Art Direction