Ferrari Portofino

The Ferrari Portofino’s power is most often seen dominating on the race tracks, and we were tasked to prove how it also dominates Kuwait’s roads with the utmost comfort and luxury to prove that the Ferrari Portofino can be driven every day. Thanks to the car’s perfect combination of outright pure performance and luxurious design, we utilized a series of features in print and online along with creatively directing various photoshoots to show off the legacy of the Ferrari brand in Kuwait and developing stories to accompany each photoshoot in print. We took the Portofino around Kuwait’s iconic landmarks, showing off its gorgeous angles, how it drives on the roads of Kuwait and of course, the advantages of the retractable hard top, for the most stylish cruise in town. Photography for this campaign was utilized by the client for their marketing activities, as well as a complete social media blast on bazaar studios various platforms online.

Ferrari, Al Zayani
November 2018
Art Direction, Photography, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing