Fantasy World

Fantasy World opened its doors in 1996 and we have been fans of the toy store ever since. We have worked with them on several campaigns in print and digitally. The brand is highly sensitive to market demands and is responsive to customer needs and wants. When they launched The Edge, a section in their stores that specializes in products that are for an older demographic but are still young at heart we created a video that not only showed the space and the products but also how much fun it still is to find your new favorite toy. Our most recent video with Fantasy World was to show how much has changed since 1996, by comparing the same toy then and now. The upbeat music and colorful graphics invoke happy memories and positive nostalgia. Whenever Fantasy World offer a new toy in their product line we create carefully crafted PR and share it on our various platforms, including the website and magazine to introduce it to our readers.

Videography, Animation, Creative Direction, Styling, Writing & PR, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing