4Sale is Kuwait’s largest online marketplace, and when we were tasked with creating content for this brand’s National and Liberation Day campaign, we wanted to show that everything is available on this platform by way of humor, playing with the idea of expectation versus reality, but with a twist. Every fun celebration is made possible, and we envisioned the Kuwait Towers as our location. We created situations where national day fun can be attained with 4Sale like water gun fights, scripting a narrative that showed not only the range of experiences that the use of the 4 Sale platform can instigate, but a sense of national pride too. We wanted to keep the vibe alternative, hip and surprising in order to engage a new demographic of users. With careful attention to detail we mapped out the logistics. The project used actors, models, required make-up and wardrobe, craft services, set runners, large prop procurement, location changes, and permits for both billboard photography and videography in a campaign that needed to have perfect continuity for a client whose stated preference was to use as little post production as possible for a quick turnaround.

February 2020
Videography, Photography, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Styling, Writing & PR, Social Media Marketing